Left to right: Self Reminder - Packing Memories - Uncertainty = Endless Possibilities
Self Reminder
From me to myself:
Whenever things seem to go wrong, do not think it’s the world conspiring against you. See it an opportunity to ask yourself and really evaluate what are you willing to do to make things go your way, and if you find out you are not so sure you are willing to sacrifice everything for what you think was what you want, don't worry, that is your gut talking, listen to it. Sometimes there aren't good or bad decisions, only what is better for yourself. It's crazy to think you will never stop finding yourself saying, again and again, SHIT, AND NOW WHAT?!, it's frustrating of course (life is frustrating) but you are a strong woman. Life takes a lot of turns but while you stay true to yourself and keep trying to realize your dreams, everything will be fine...
Packing Memories
Leaving home, leaving town, leaving friends, leaving a whole life behind. Years pass, you make new friends, you find yourself feeling part of a home far from home, a new town and new dreams. And then.... you find yourself leaving everything again.... It seems an endless vicious nomad cycle, and you realized that every time you leave it gets harder and harder. You end up having to pack so much with you, and no, I'm not talking about the luggage or the furniture or the car ... No no no, I'm talking about the life you had in that particular place. I'm talking about those amazing experiences that are now stuck in time like a Polaroid photograph. Precious moments in life you wish you could repeat again and again... It's hard because every time you leave, you are taking so much with you... I guess that the most exciting part of it. You realized all those memories all those adventures, people you now call friends for life, had help you grow and find yourself. And in the end, when the final time comes, you'll find that all those things that you once though impossible to fit in a couple of suitcases, ended up fitting perfectly in your heart, and you leave again...

Uncertainty = Endless Possibilities
Dealing with the unknown is scary. Usually, it gets worst when you are a person who likes to have control of everything happening around you, and then you realize you are impotent to do anything about what’s happening to you in a particular situation or moment in life. It Is incredibly frustrating, probably one of humanity's greatest weakness, the fear of what’s to come... Guess what, there is no point in worrying beforehand because again, you do not know what it's about to happen. The only thing you are really in control is how to react and face the unknown. If you think it clearly, not knowing what’s about to happen means that many things can happen... it becomes an ocean of possibilities. You'll only know when it happens. Worry then and in the meantime, embrace the endless possibilities of life and enjoy the ride.
Big Little Choices
I remember all the crazy things that I wanted to do as a girl, the places I used to dream of and still want to go... But then college happens, work happens, life happens... I've used to imagine that once I leave home that I was gonna start living the life I choose to live. Reality is that it is much harder than what I thought it would be. Actually, I've realized that sometimes we think we are living based on what we choose but the things that most of those times we find ourselves living through destiny like if life puts us in a specific situation, time and place... not necessarily what we originally planned our life was going to be. For me, that's been happening for quite a while, and when I realized that, it was like waking up from a nightmare... Now what?1 Well, I need to take back control of my life, and the best way to do it is by starting to take the decisions in life that are gonna take me to where I want to be, the life I envisioned for my self. But they have to be my decisions, simple or bold, little or big but my decisions. If I screw it up, at least would be able to accept the result of my poor judgment and learn from my falls. And then, shake it off and start again!
Throughout history, there have been people brave enough to create, to innovate, and change things. When life or a certain situation seems unsure, we try to look for a space in our mind and hearts that can help us think clearly. Art, any form of art, is one of the purest expressions of the individual human character and psyche.  It mirrors that anxiety and truth inside of us, the same truth that is usually kept it the deepest side of our beings. We pretend and play roles to fit in specific situations and in our daily societal reality.  Its ok, actually that's the only way to keep the peace with everyone around us. Our inner selves sometimes might have too much to deal with that exposing it out loud to the world can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, we still need to express it. Keep it inside of us becomes toxic and suffocating. Whether is a song that hasn't been played yet, a book that hasn't been written yet, a white canvas in a wall waiting to be painted, or anything still unimaginable... we got to be brave enough to get it out and make it happen, be able to express ourselves in a way we provoke something in others even if there's only one person ready in the world to get it. 
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